View Full Version : Worried about shedding from rogaine

05-30-2015, 07:58 AM
Hi guys, could I get some advice? I'm wondering about whether to start on rogaine or not. I think I'm about a Norwood II right now (pictures attached) so I think it's the right time to use it but I'm scared of how much hair I could shed in the first few weeks. The truth is, I'm studying in Japan until August and I really don't want my final few months to be ruined by some potentially serious hair loss. Even though it will probably be fine in the long term I'm not sure I can deal with the short term hair loss at the moment. So I suppose what I'm asking is, exactly how bad is the shed? And can I afford to wait a few months before starting? It's getting thin at the front and under light you can see the scalp but normally I think it looks fine. That being said I feel like my hair loss is getting more noticeable every week and it's stressing me out a lot. Any advice would be appreciated.

PS. The first two pictures are from a week ago and the rest are from today to give an idea of how fast the hair loss is.