View Full Version : Is splitting finasteride (5mg) dangerous?

05-29-2015, 12:45 PM
Hi there guys,
I feel like I need a bit of your help. So I am going to buy finasteride but I feel like by buying 5mg tablets and then splitting them I would save a lot of money. But recently I have read that it might be dangerous since the active ingredient may not be evenly distributed in the pill. How do you feel about it? Do you think it's safe that I order 5mg tablets and then split them up? To me all it seems ok because supposing the active ingredient would not be evenly distributed then how could they guarantee that each pill contains 5mg? Thanks for your help :)

05-29-2015, 07:47 PM
It is not dangerous. Relax, it's fine.

05-30-2015, 05:21 AM
Great :) Thanks for the reply

Rashid Rashid, MD, PhD
05-30-2015, 08:33 AM
I know some medications (google prednisone images) are scored so you can cut them and get half the dose. The finasteride I have seen is not scored so I do not know if the distribution would be equal. This would be a good question for the drug manufacturer.

06-01-2015, 05:30 AM
I don't know how the tablets are actually manufactured, however I think the main ingredient is distributed in the pill equally, as all the ingredients are mixed together before the pill is formed. It is like a pie, when you prepare it, you mix all the ingredients to a smooth paste that means that all the ingredients are spreaded equally.

Many men split the pills into 4 parts and its Ok. Don't worry.

06-01-2015, 11:53 AM
Yeah, it is not only cheaper to buy finasteride 5 mg but also split it into four doses, but they believe the added 0.25mg gives their treatment a little boost to make their recovery from hair loss a little bit faster. You can use pill cutter to divide it in 4 pieces. May be even butter knife type of knife is also advisable. Fin has a half life of six hours. Meaning that after six hours only half of it is left, 12 hours a quarter, 18 and eighth ect. It's worked this way for millions of men!

06-01-2015, 01:31 PM
yeah i think OP is right actually.

06-02-2015, 05:22 AM
Fin has a half life of six hours. Meaning that after six hours only half of it is left, 12 hours a quarter, 18 and eighth ect.
What does it mean?

08-23-2015, 03:04 AM
What does it mean?

The drug concentration in the blood decays exponentially over time such that half of the drug is gone in 6 hours and another half is gone 6 hours after that and so on.