View Full Version : 19 - 2.5 years on propecia, 1 on minox, too early for ht?

05-29-2015, 03:49 AM
Story: I found this forum close to two and a half years ago after my mom started pointing out my hair loss and shortly after I made the plunge to start propecia. I was in denial at first but realized shortly after that I had probably started to lose my hair after I turned 15 (started propecia at 17). My temples had already receded a bit and I had lost a little bit of my the hair on my crown, whatever hair I had on the top of my head was very thin and sparse. Propecia without a doubt halted my hair loss and possibly grew back some. At the end of high school I decided to buzz cut whatever hair I had and start minox. I've had pretty good results with minox, it thickened and darkened my hair and started getting better haircuts. Overall, I'm pretty happy with my hair and I could live with it; however, my temples are still receded and the hair at the very front and top of my head doesn't grow much longer past one inch. (pictures attached)

I would like to fill out my hairline again and was wondering if there are any places that would consider me given my age.