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05-29-2015, 01:38 AM
Hello, everyone! I'm relatively new to the hair loss game, or, should I say war; upon lurking around the myriad of related forums, I have found this one to be the most effective in providing pertinent information in a respectful manner. Kudos to you and the forum moderators!
I have a few questions that I would appreciate some guidance on as I continue my hair loss battle. I will do my best to ask them in a clear, concise way. If any of these require elaboration or rewording, please let me know!

1. The hairs that I shed daily do not have white bulbs at the end—practically none of them do. What, exactly, does this mean? I've read that this means they were "broken," but just saying that word still doesn't indicate (at least, to me) anything about their permanence in the scalp. Is there any correlation between hairs coming out with/without white bulbs and their respective follicle-life?

2. If I experience regrowth from a particular treatment, then stop that treatment, yet remain on a DHT-blocker all throughout, will the anti-androgenic effects work to maintain the new hair from the aforementioned treatment (even though it was stopped)?

3. In order to look half way decent in public, I need to use a moderate amount of hair fibers (I use Viviscal, and it works wonders!). As we know, fibers are effective by sticking to the scalp, decreasing the contrast between scalp vs. hair coloration. With them sticking to the scalp, is it possible that I could be hindering potential growth from my treatments by blocking off the follicles? (This question is relevant in both topical and oral treatments). Perhaps I'm being paranoid, but I thought I'd ask because, since I go out a lot, I have to put them on a lot. I want to make sure I'm not shooting myself in the foot, here.

4. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I suffer from pretty bad inflammation across the body. Though I will do my best to not sound like I'm in denial about having MPB, my family history of it is...very much lacking. My entire scalp turns read randomly and there are sites of seborrheic dermatitus everywhere. The SD is also found in my ears, under my toenails, and around my nose. I also have tinnitus (both of my ears sound a high-pitch ring 24/7. I have gotten used to it to the point that I only notice it when I think about it). I saw a specialist about it years ago and they thought it must've been from being exposed to a loud noise once and that it was just standard tinnitus. It occurred to me only recently when I began extensive research on hair that all these things may be connected—inflammation! I've learned that another type of systematic inflammation that can manifest itself through ear-ringing is Auto-Immune Inner Ear Disease. I stumbled upon this when I was looking up anti-inflammatories to treat my seborrheic dermatitus. Topical anti-inflammatories have not proved much benefit to me as the SD is all over the body. I'm looking into taking Sulfasalazine to treat this systematically.
This all came together for me when I was looking up patterns in systematic hair loss like this and found that, often, there is hair loss in the lower-back of the hair (at the neck) and on the sides (directly above the sideburns). These two areas are extremely thin for me. I have also found some relationships in this type of loss and some side effects that I experience (easy weight gain, joint pain, terrible sleep) with thyroid problems (though, I'm not too sure of this). Is there some kind of a link between hypothyroidism and systematic inflammation?
The only thing that is detouring me from thinking this is strictly an inflammatory problem is that (besides at the two aforementioned zones of hair), the remainder of the loss has seemed to follow the traditional androgenic alopecia pattern (first in the receding of the temples, then in the crown, etc.). However, I was thinking that perhaps this was simply due to the progression of the inflammation and the temples/crown is where the follicles are generally the weakest, and, thus, most susceptible to inflammatory (or perhaps thyroidal?!) loss. Is this a fair point?
I guess my question is: given this block of text (so sorry!), does anyone have some light to shed concerning any of these matters?

Here are supplemental pictures for your inquiry:

Here's to give you an idea of where I'm at (showing the red scalp):

Here is some of the inflammation debris I regularly find on my scalp:

Here is the aforementioned non-MPB sites of hair loss:

Okay, this is something that I've noticed within the last 8 months or so. Question#5, I guess, will someone please help me figure out what this is? I'm pretty sure my hairline never reached that low, so I have no idea what this little indent on my forehead is:

Thank you so much for your willingness to help, I look forward to your responses and subsequent discussion!

Bonus #6! I am coming off fin after almost 5 months. I was beginning to see some improvement, and I'm sure I would if I held out for a few more months, but the side effects got worse at around month 4 and I don't think it's bearable. If anyone has advice for doing this (I have begun taking EOD, trying to gradually ween off), I would appreciate it!

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