View Full Version : Recent hair loss with dry skin on the root of shed hair??

05-28-2015, 10:28 AM
So be been on propecia for almost exactly 2 years. All good so far, luckily no side effects and it definitely slowed my hair loss down massively.

I had a hair transplant about 18 months ago which has produced good results however I've noticed in the past 6 months or so my scalp has been very itchy. Also I've noticed a little more hair loss than I did before. When I scratch my head I sometimes get a loose hair come out with the root attached. What I have noticed is the "root" is often covered by something hard, almost scab like. Any ideas what's caused this?

I wondered if maybe my itchy scalp is dry skins and that's what's caused my recent increased hair loss?

Thanks for any help!!

05-28-2015, 03:30 PM
see this thread: