View Full Version : Any feedback on Dr. Panagotacos in San Francisco

05-25-2015, 02:28 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm currently 28 (almost 29) and have NW3 going on to 4 soon. I've scheduled a consultation with Dr. Panagotacos (http://www.hairdoc.com/) after seeing that he was the only iahrs.org member in the area.

Has anyone here gone to him for a hair transplant? If so, how would you review the quality of his work? This is a pretty huge decision for me so I'd love to get as much information as possible.


05-25-2015, 12:35 PM
I don't think you can go wrong with Dr. Panagotacos. He has decades of experience. You may also want to consider Dr. John Diep in Los Gatos, CA. for a 2nd opinion. I've seen lots of good work from him and he seems to follow up well with his patients. Just a thought. Best of luck whatever you decide.