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05-24-2015, 02:03 AM
Hey All. I was hoping to get a thread started her that would briefly document our stories using RU. Whether its good or bad, I think we need one place to sift through to determine how effective this treatment is.

Do this in your own format, but I was thinking of something like;

Your age when you started RU?
What %RU you were using and which vehicle?
Did you notice any side effects while on RU"
When was the first time you noticed any beneficial results? What were they?
Are the results long lasting and how long have you continued to use RU?

Ill start with my own story now, even though im very early into using RU

Im 39 years old and have been losing hair dramatically since 2012. Id say im losing about 5-10% of my hair each year. Im now down to maybe 55% remaining all over (im a diffuse thinner).
Ive been on multiple treatments before and all I really seem to ever get is the dreaded shed with no reqrowth at all. I do think my hair loss has slightly slowed some but its still getting worse by the day.
I just started RU on May 11, 2015, so im two weeks in now. Im using the 70/30 ethanol and PG. Since ive started I have not noticed any improvement so far, but its only been two weeks. I have been shedding a lot of hairs (50+ a day) since February and was hoping that this would slow it down, but ive seen no reduction in the past two weeks.
So far I have experienced no side effects using RU at all.
Since im very new to this I cannot tell you any success stories yet nor can I say how long I plan on using this treatment. I will chime back in the further along I get with this RU experiment.

That's my brief RU story. Please feel free to get as detailed as you want with yours. The more we know about RU and its success, it may help other to decide whether they too want to give RU a try.

Cant wait to hear your stories. Hopefully it will encourage some of us to push on fighting

05-27-2015, 12:13 AM
Hahaha these additional stories are not giving me much hope here fellas lol

05-27-2015, 10:11 AM
I really don't have anything conclusive to say at this point; been using it for about 7 months on hairline, do have sexual side effects, hair doesn't seem to have changed detectably, not sure about any difference in shedding because I never counted the hairs before using RU.

05-28-2015, 12:53 AM
At least I can count on you to chime in. Thanks man!