View Full Version : Need some help with the science Docs and you smarties!

05-23-2015, 08:08 AM
I have to admit that I jumped on finasteride without a second thought. I need to point out that I don't suffer any side effects from the treatment.

I have some knowledge of enzymes as I have studied Biology and Chemistry. So I understand in the group of enzymes of 5-alpha reductases, finasteride competitively inhibits 5-alpha reductase 1.

Im just a bit confused with a video I watched. It stated that due to competitive inhibition of the enzyme from finasteride, there was 70% less DHT created due to the substrate (cant remember its name) being unable to bind to the active site (which is great and what I understood fin did). It then showed a diagram of how the nutrients for a healthy dermal papilla and thus healthy hair, is passed through the androgen receptor from the blood. It then showed something binding to the androgen receptor to prevent the DHT from the blood binding to the receptor. And this is where I have got confused. Is this not then showing an androgen antagonist and has nothing to do with finasteride? The video is pointing out that if DHT binds to the androgen receptor, then prevents the movement of nutrients.

I have just finished college so my science isn't that strong. I feel like this video could be misleading? or am I simply looking at this from my basic knowledge?

Thanks for any help, I understand I could have made a big mess of this.