View Full Version : Pls, some advices about my crazy HT plan??

05-22-2015, 08:23 AM

First of all, escuse my English writting , I'm french ;)

So i would like to have some advices if it's possible, about my quite weird plan

Im 27, lost my hair since 21. Tried minox and propecia but nothing really worked so i stopped everything when I was 24 years old.
I have a big receding hairline, and a diffuse hair loss all over my top of the head. And those hairs don't grow anymore, so we can clearly see my horse shoe when I let grow my hair.

Im clearly not the good candidate for a standard HT.
But I think about something,
maybe I could use my poor donor aera to recreate a hairline and transplant the 1/3 of the head.
For the rest and the crown use BHT as I have a lot of beard and legs hair.
And to finish with SMP all over that to create density.

It could give me a good buzz cut look no? I could let grow a few milimeters no?
and if my temples and sides begin to fall dangerously, I could use smp over it, and pray for a new hairloss treatment in the future.

What are you though guys please about that 'crazy' plan? Am I just dreaming or could it be a real possibility to do that? what would be the biggest issues?

Im so depressed about the "5 years away cure" and I want to do something now about this ****ing hairloss!! but my loss is severe, and I have almost no possibility :(

Thank you guys, and thanks to this forum, i learned a lot here about so much things

A french depressed dude x)

05-22-2015, 09:33 AM
Hey man!

I read quite a lot that if your plan is to have a short cut then body hair for the crown area can be viable, it really can add density there.

I have one problem with adding SMP, not that I don't think its great, but why not have it done all over and not have the HT? You still have some hair on top and with this incorporated with SMP could look great.

Have you tried DUT? For those hair to still be there after a lot of hair loss from 21 then DUT could really help maintain and obviously make you a better candidate for HT.