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05-20-2015, 10:33 AM

I began taking Dut .5 mg two days ago. I am thinking i'll take it Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday every week. I will possibly up this to a daily .5 mg dose after a few weeks.

Is shedding/how much shedding is to be expected here? Does anyone know how soon it could happen?

Any information/testimonials would be really helpful

05-06-2016, 06:49 AM
i read some people who said they didn't shed but heres my story , on propecia for about 8 months with ok results stopped losing hair and seemed to thicken slightly , ( i was on and off minoxidil too but forgot to apply for weeks at a time ) then i found out about avodart /dut and researched as much as possible , i had no shed with propecia and if i did it wasnt noticeable , so i made the switch with no gap inbetween and from day 3 i was shedding day 20 the hair was coming out like crazy i thought i would be bald by the end of the month , its been 5 months now and the shedding has slowed and halted and come back , losing a few hairs a day , im hoping it will stop soon and i will start to regrow , i have used 15% minoxidil for a few weeks at a time on my temples , which i have seen long vellus hair regrowth , im hoping that will thicken up and turn terminal, but i cant pin point wich medication helped or maybe a conjunction of the two i take 0.5mg a day my hair is very thin on top and crown now u can see scalp , but the difference from when i was at my thickest before dut after the months on propecia isnt huge , its a gamble but ive read all kinds of stories , people who shed until 9 months on dut and then regrew some and people who never shed and grew within 3 , some people take it every other day and some every day at different doses but if you look at the trials the higher dose gave the best results . i think its a medication you need to stick out for atleast a year , and if anyone on dut has been on it longer than me and had massive sheds regrowth i would also like some of your advice thanks and good luck frank :)

05-06-2016, 07:01 AM
i dont know about it
when people says dut shedding / fin shedding
always when i've started AA or 5ar's after a couple of weeks my shedding came to a stop
before that i had enourmus shedds and the treatments just stopped it
whether its oral dut, topical fin or topical spiro

05-06-2016, 07:47 AM
Do you guys have a prescription for DUT? I haven't pulled the trigger on DUT yet, partly due to sides but also I don't know a reputable source. If you got avodart from a reputable online pharmacy I'd love to know where. Thanks

05-06-2016, 07:58 AM
i got mine from pharmacy direct gb in england , i looked them up after a recommendation i saw on a forum and just googled them on trustpilot , i have to pay 20 for my prescription each time but can order 6 packs a time at 20 each a pack so works out cheaper to buy in bulk , i dont no where to get them from in the states but good luck in whatever you choose , i had no sexual sides on propecia or dut , but i had ball ache for about a week and dicreased libido but that went after a week or two