View Full Version : really great self tanner

05-16-2015, 10:54 AM

this is one of the best self tanners out there. It lasts for up to a week, is good for your skin and looks very natural.. for anyone shaving their head and wants to keep a nice tan... safely

05-18-2015, 11:20 PM
I have never tried any think without the prescription of physician I would need to know more about the self tanner how it is good for the skin .

05-28-2015, 05:41 AM
Self tanners are also known as sunless tanning products. The Main Ingredient in all Self Tanning Products and sprays, is DHA, that has been approved by the FDA. When applied, dihydroxyacetone reacts with dead cells in the skin's surface to temporarily darken the skin. The colouring typically wears off after a few days. Most dermatologists consider this mode of achieving that “sun-kissed glow” much safer than obtaining a tan from the cancer-causing ultraviolet (UV) radiation that comes from the sun or tanning booths. Self tanners give your skin a tanned look without exposing it to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. It is a good idea for shaved head to avoid chemo look. However, make sure you apply baby oil to skin then the self tan as the oil helps spread the tan lotion out more even. Otherwise, self tanning sprays look orange and patchy.