View Full Version : smp + fue combo for a buzzcut, bad idea?

05-15-2015, 07:41 AM
Hello everyone, even though this is my first post, i've been following the forum for quite a while.

i've been balding since i was 23 (at least that i started noticing) now being 27 im already a norwood 3 on the fast lane to norwood 4.

Trying to unter my hairloss, i took propecia for about 8 months and had great results in my crown, full restoration, but had to drop it due to severe side effects. My estradiol levels were twice the maximum they should be for a man, and gynecomastia was just one of the many problems the drug gave me.

So unfortunately i had to drop propecia, get into an aromatase inhibitor which made my testosterone and dht skyrocket, i lost all my propecia gains e alot more hair in just a little over 3 months :mad:.

I went to a HT doctor here in my coutry and he told me my donor area is not good, really thin, and considering i will not be taking proprecia, a hair transplant was pretty much discarded.

In the past however i have shaved my head with no guard and i liked the result. However i dont like the sly bald look.

In this scenario, looking around for a solution to my problem, i found a few people that have combinated fue and smp, creating the perfect ilusion of a buzzcut.
Here are a few examples :



So i have a few questions to you guys:

1- Would that approach be advisable at all? What are the risks involved? I fear that the smp could not get in the fue scars after the procedure, but also, i see that patients from top fue doctors seems to have no scars at all after the donor area is healed!

2- Considering my donor limitation, how short i will wear my hair, and that i have a really thick beard, would beard hair do the trick? I've seen guys with no scars after beard hair transplants, the region seem to heal better than the scalp. Could i take all the grafts from the beard?

3- How many grafts i would probably need for this, if im a norwood 4? Remember that we are talking about coverage, not density. Would 4000 grafts be enough to create this illusion over the entire "upper" part of the scalp?

4- Is there risk of permanent redness in the scalp after the hair transplant?

5- how long after the smp can i go for the hair transplant?

I ask all these questions because i see in this solution a way out of the hairloss nightmare, i actually like the way i look with a buzzcut, and would move on with my life after this... thanks in advance for any answers.