View Full Version : Birthmark Question??

05-14-2015, 08:33 AM
First time on here, and I'm trying to look for a little help. I was born with a birthmark on the right side just behind the temple area. It's about a the size of a silver dollar and something I've always been very self conscious about. I had 2 hair transplants 14 years ago by my friend's father just prior to coming out of college and interviewing for jobs. It was very kind of him to help me. I am starting to thin on the crown and would like to just start keeping my hair shorter. I am torn between getting another transplant to thicken this birthmark so I can possibly cut it short or maybe even SMP which I only learned about by reading this forum this week. Again, all I want to do is better conceal this area to hopefully cut my hair shorter. I currently use Couvre based on my doctors input years ago. Do you think SMP might work or will it be awfully noticeable? Thank you for any input or suggestions, I really appreciate it.