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05-12-2015, 11:06 AM
Hi guys, last year from around January to August I went on a pretty big diet losing the 40 pounds I had gained from highschool. Unfortunately towards the end i noticed my hair thinning. I was hoping maybe it was TE because of the severe restrictions I made with calories, but nothing has changed since for better or worse so obviously it's MPB. Before then I had never noticed anything wrong with my hair at all so I imagine it happened pretty quickly in the last couple of years. Just wondering what you guys think I should do because of my age I'm not sure fighting it's even worth it or how I would even acquire fin within U.S. borders.

Anyways hers some pics let me know what you think

05-12-2015, 11:57 AM

First things first, congrats on the weight loss and I know hair loss can be devastating and being 20 y/o myself I can sympathise.

My hairloss maybe isn't as bad as yours but I would say its certainly worth fighting! You would be amazed with some results you see of people our age taking fin. Again if you react well and get a handle on your diffuse thinning with fin it might not even be noticeable.

You can try minox if you want and it can have great results mid scalp and cronw but I would suggest certainly starting 1mg fin a day. If your worried about sides why not start on 0.5mg a day, thats what I did and slowly moved up. You then also have the option of cutting proscar to 1.25mg if you don't see sides and as im form the u.k im not so sure, you can get this from costco with a prescription.

And if after giving fin 1/2 years you are not happy, you can move up onto dut. Personally I feel great that I am just fighting it and reduces a lot of stress for me. Again adding to the importance of just general health and not relapsing on those pounds you lost!

Hope this helped a little!