View Full Version : 29 y/o hoping to get a transplant on temples

05-10-2015, 05:37 AM
Hello, I have been on this forum for about 4 years now. Started off with using finasteride and minox. My hairloss progression has slowed down after I started them and I am thankful for all the advice that the members on the forum have given me. The forum has really helped me go through some of my dark days. Though the top of my head doesn't show that I am thinning, my frontal hairline has receeded and thinned over the past couple of years and it makes me really self conscious . I am 29 y/o now and considering getting a hair transplant on my temples and possibly lowering other parts of my hairline. I am considering on consulting with Dr Sarah wasserbauer. If anyone has any suggestions on my choice of getting a ht or the doctor, please chime in.

Thanks again.