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Dr. Lindsey
05-01-2015, 05:58 AM
This guy has one of the most interesting head's that I've seen. He has had plugs, minigrafts, micrografts, strips, neograft, and artas....and now manual FUE.

Over the past 30 years his donor region has been depleted of virtually all useful hair with limited improvement in the recipient area. By decent styling however he looks relatively unremarkable but is plagued by a donor region full of scars including these 2 vertical scars that I've only seen once before. I have no idea what the doctor who did these was trying to accomplish.

In any event, he had an attempt with artas, by a very reputable surgeon, which was, by the patient's report, less than successful due to difficulty with scar tissue limiting extraction. Now I'm the very first guy to admit right up front, that FUE is hard and as my colleague Dr. Feller says : "FUE stands for f-ing unpredictable extraction"...there is simply no way to know how easily or difficult extracting hair will be even in virgin scalp, much less a guy like this. But after our discussion and since this is a little case, the patient and I decided to try.

We harvested around 200 FUE's, easier than expected, using a 1.0mm hand punch. No trimming was done and they were placed into the vertical scars. The patient doesn't live close, but reports by phone that now at 3 weeks he's fine and doesn't think he's lost any grafts...difficult do to sleeping positions those first few days.

He's in agriculture, and hopefully at the end of the "growing season" his hair will be starting to sprout too, and he can make a trip back to DC.

I mainly put this up to show these crazy vertical scars.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA