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Dr. Lindsey
05-01-2015, 05:42 AM
This executive stopped by yesterday out of the blue. He was kind enough to let us film a short interview.

He's a guy for whom hair transplantation has had a big impact on his life. While he has been professionally successful, he was pretty bald. As a newly single adult, I think he felt that getting in shape physically, framing his face with hair, and making a few other life changes might improve his social life. It did. He is a great example of what HT can do. It can help one's self confidence and how one views oneself. It might even change how old or young someone appears to others. It can NOT however turn a lemon pie into a peach pie....meaning that HT alone will not transform your life no matter what some of my colleagues' commercials may say.

He is a fairly challenging case. He has extremely fine hairs and despite packing his hairline as tight as possible, like many fine haired guys, its simply not enough. Thus, as we often do on a second case for the middle third or crown...we'll end up with a couple of hundred singles. These are of no practical use in the crown. We have 2 choices...tell the cutters to simply cut a little chunkier grafts (which I'm the first to do on thicker haired guys who have a great hairline from an earlier case) OR to take those singles and augment the hairline, as we did in this case and several others that I've posted over the years. For fine haired guys, adding these singles really does help that hairline or partline at the final result and it doesn't shortchange the 2nd case in any way.

We'll see this fellow back late this year when the middle third and that left partline are fully grown in and I'll update his results.

In the meantime here is a link to his interview and results 8 months out from his second case.


Dr. Lindsey McLean VA