View Full Version : Hairloss on sideburns, around the ear and behind the neck

04-30-2015, 09:47 AM
So I DO have MPB, My uncles and father and cousins on my dad's side have MPB- My temples have receded quite a bit and I've lost much thickness on the top of my head(I'm 24, noticed MPB when I was 16)

I've had an episode of Alopecia areata at the back of my head in 2011 with a 4 inch circle, it was funny one day I woke up and my family noticed I had no hair on the back of my head and I thought my fancy hair days were over, panicked and researched lead me to discover it was autoimmune and it resolves on its own and it did! phew!

when I a kid I use to have curly hair, small curls which later changed to very thick straight hair not just the numbers but the hair strands were quite thick too, but over the years they've become thin, absurdly thin and silky that people use to ask me what hair straighter I use for my hair. I'm not sure if it's MPB related or not.

However over the years I've noticed on the hair around the right side of my ear would fall off in small clumps when 'traced' my fingers through them, the hair are thicker and stronger than the hair on my temples and crown, recently I've lost much hair there and the new hair that is coming back is curlier than the rest of the hair.

Also I've been losing hair on the back of my neck, as if it's receding but the hair is also curlier there.

Is this all MPB? except for the autoimmune one of course. I also have chronic seborrheic dermatitis and macrocytic anemia. Had my thyroid test done last years and it came out normal.