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12-30-2009, 10:31 AM
This case illustrates how a series of treatments over 9.5 years can be successful in keeping pace with progression of hair loss. When this patient had his first HT in 2000, he presented with a 3A hair loss pattern with recession in the hairline corners and behind the forelock 200 singles, 200 doubles, and 317 triple hair FUs were transplanted.

After a year, the hair from his grafts grew in but further loss of native hair was evident behind and into the forelock however, even having lost more hair, his transplants kept his appearance stable. In 2001, 200 singles, 412 doubles, and 477 triple FUs were placed in the hairline and front for added density.

After three years, with continued progression, only transplanted hair remained in the front and top. In 2004, 341 singles, 839 doubles, and 109 triple FUs were placed throughout the front, top, and crown. With noticeable thinning taking place in the vertex region, the patient started Propecia as well.

In 2009, still using Propecia, there was no remaining native hair throughout the balding pattern. His pattern was purely transplanted. With his three treatments totaling 3149 FU grafts consisting of 741 singles, 1451 doubles, and 957 triples, Dr. True left this patient with just one linear scar in the donor area.

This patient reported that one of the most satisfying aspects of his experience was that he went bald and had his hair restored without anyone but his wife knowing that he was losing hair or having treatment.

General photo sequence: Before treatment yr. 2000 - yr. 2001 - yr. 2004 - yr. 2009

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Before treatment in 2000

Most recent photos 2009