View Full Version : Might need some help to enlighten me

04-27-2015, 05:32 AM

To start off I am 22 years old now and this problem actually appeared around when i was 16. I started getting these zits around my hair area which basically blocked my head from breathing, hence it gets really greasy fast and also i've went to a couple of doctors that suggested different stuff for me , and the only thing that worked was antibiotics ( and ofcourse i only tested them out, since i don't want to use it as my main fix for my whole life ( since they only help if its long term usage)) .

Anyway back to my problem . Now im trying to figure out if im balding because of my hair not breathing and because of that problem , or was it balding all along and its only some kind of a way to lose my hair quicker .

Anyway, if you guys have ever seen something similar i would be really grateful , or at least to tell me if its actually just balding