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12-29-2009, 11:17 AM
Hi All-

New to the forum, and had some questions. I have been losing my hair for about the last 10 years, about 6 years back tried the hair transplant, and while I know it has helped, it was not even close to the result I had hoped for.

As I will never go through the transplant route again, for me it was just a very bad experience, I have looked into other methods. Currently I am using a Hair Laser, and while it might have helped a little, still not what I was hoping for. I have lost it mostly on the top of my head, and am looking to replace there. I have visited w/ hair club and hated them, I have also been using another group, NE associates, where I got the laser. There hair pieces and cheapest program is about $2000 a year. Now while I wish cost wasnt a factor, it is. Thanks to the forum, I have been finding Coolpiece, and Top Place. And there costs for the hair seems much more reasonable.

My questions stems from,
-how difficult is it to set these up and maintain on your own? Especially if you do not have prior experience?

-How do you handle getting the rest of your hair cut?

-How many different pieces of Hair do you need to get in a year?

I am looking to slowly implementing it, going w/ a 50% density, and then maybe moving up slowly. I do not want it to be too obvious I am doing this to my friends and coworkers.

Any advice or comments are welcomed.