View Full Version : Thin hair on hairline?

04-26-2015, 05:18 PM
Hello! I am probably worried for nothing, but I still would like to have an opinion from you guys. I have naturally thin and soft hair and no history of hair loss in my family. However, I've been checking my hair a lot lately and I've noticed that the hairs on my hairline seem to be a bit thinner than when I was 16-17. (I am now 20). I took a picture with a flash and you can clearly see that the first rows of hair seem quite thin. (The flash is probably making it worst than it truely is though). I wonder if this is a sign that I will lose hair and bald?! Or it just means that I have thin hair, period. ? Like I said, it seems to me that I had a bit more density there in 2011-2012, but it could just be in my head. (I don't have pictures from 2011-2012 to compare though) What do you think??

(The two pictures are both with flash and were taken in 2014-2015)

And sorry for my mistakes, french is my first language.

Hope to read your feedbacks soon