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04-22-2015, 09:11 PM

First time poster! great site!

About me: I am a 28 year old male. Dad and both grandpas have had NW2s their whole lives. I have two half-brothers in their 40s (same dad) and one is NW1 and the other is balding. Cousins vary from great/mature (moms side) to no hair (dads side). Over the last 5 years I have seen my hairline go back a little so I am wondering if its maturing or mpb. Its been semi-stable over the last few years. I rarely ever notice a loss in hair in the shower and in the AM. I went to the dermatologist for something else today and he told me at the end of my appt as we were walking out he eyeballed my hair and said that I am a a 2 to 2.5 and that I should come back and we can assess further if I should do Rogain or Propecia. I have attached my pics from 2009 to Today.

1. Do you guys think I should worry, do I have a mature hairline or should I begin to start treatment?
2. I am researching propecia and my normal pcp doc said he has very little patients with complications. The risks do look scary. Does anyone have a recommended study/links for me to look at? Or if someone has done it with similar hair as me would they recommend it to a friend?

I appreciate any responses. Thank you so much!

04-23-2015, 06:15 PM
does anyone have any thoughts on here? thanks!:)