View Full Version : The Great Equol Experiment - Need your help to get definitive proof

Guinny Pig
04-22-2015, 07:30 PM
Hello, everyone! I've lurked here for a few months now and decided to join. Great info and insight here.

About me: I'm 26 yrs old and I'm pretty sure my hairline has been receding for a few months now. It's not terrible or anything but I can see it. Being the proactive person I am, I intend to start fighting now.

I've heard good things about s-equol but I'm disappointed by the lack of experimentation with it. So I'd like to set up an experiment.

Here's my 3 month plan: I would get initial blood work and hormones checked (T, DHT, etc) as a baseline. I would then take 100mg of equol every day for a month. I would then have another test done and increase the dose to 200mg per day. For the final month, I would increase to 300mg per day. I believe that this would give good answers as to it's effect on Test levels.

Here's the problem: All this stuff is expensive! I've heard equol is high priced. Also I'd have to get 4 blood tests done to prove its efficiency, each costing at least a couple hundred.

Would anyone want to put in for this experiment? I would give regular updates with my hair as well as my health and any side effects. I may even start an email list for it.

Post here if you're interested. I can't wait to see if this stuff works!

Guinny Pig
04-23-2015, 04:41 AM
Thought I should explain my exact steps in detail:

1. Get my baseline measurements done - I have a derm appointment pretty soon so I'll get him to give me my T and DHT levels)

2. Obtain s-equol - Here is where I need some assistance. Does anyone know of a legit s-equol supplier? I'd be willing to order from china if from a supplier that someone here trusts.

Purity test (optional): I would like to get the purity of the equol tested if I can afford it. This would allow for more accurate dosing results. It would also confirm the supplier used as legit if you guys wanted to get some.

3. Take 100mg/day for one month. Report any changes in health/mood and hair.

-Monthly Testing: Blood test, hair picture, post results.

4. Up dose to 200mg/day for one month

-Monthly Testing: Blood test, hair picture, post results.

5. Up dose to 300mg/day for one month

-Monthly Testing: Blood test, hair picture, post results.

As you can see, I'm trying to be as serious about this as possible. Anything off about my process? Want to donate or give helpful info? Let me know :)