View Full Version : Want to start treatment

04-22-2015, 09:24 AM
Hey guys. I was in denial about my hair loss for awhile. I noticed a lot of hairs but my moms hair was always the same way she has hair falling out everywhere and we have the same hair type so I just assumed my hair shed a lot. Today I was messing around with the sides of my hair and only 1 or 2 hairs fell out and I just pulled on my hair a little bit around the front and the top of my head and got 2 hairs really easy.

Is it possible to start propecia and have the shed kick in and lose a bunch of hair and just not regrow it back and be worse off when you started? I really just want to do propecia and keep what I have and hope for some minor regrowth and I want to save minoxidil for when my hair loss becomes really noticeable then use that to regrow hair. Does that sound possible?

Does anyone ever lose hair on propecia and end up worse off? What are the odds? Is it possible to start balding around 20 and keep your hair until your old just with a receding hairline and no visible bald spots?