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04-22-2015, 09:03 AM
Hi Guys & Girls

I have been suffering hairloss for the past 15 years and have tried everything known to man to recify it.
I would list them at this point, but it would be easier for you to think of something and l will have tried it.
But my last treatment has actually given me the best results yet. Whilst mooching on Youtube l found a treatment in USA called Theradome low level laser therapy. But it wasnt available in the UK then just US and Canada, l debated importing one but with cost of postage and import duty it made it really expensive. But then finally 8 months later it arrived in the UK and surprisingly not London. theradomeforhairloss.co.uk in the lovely vale of Evesham, l used to go apple picking there as a child.
I sent off for one and opened it all excited.....then followed the instructions of 20mins twice a week. At first l had a little tingle but this passed off after a week or so. For months l stared in the mirror, uming and arring to see if there was a change. Nothing conclusive, l felt yes on some days no on others. Normally sunny days where no. But then after speaking to my trichologist she said to up my treatments to every second day. Then something wonderful happened, after 4 months of use little hairs started to grow in my bald patches and my remaining hair was healthier and not shedding as before. I was a little shocked and very delighted and every month since l have more and more regrowth.
It is an average of 20/25% thicker, which might not sound a lot but the area where the loss happened last is about 30%.

Well l am now finally looking forward to Summer, not sweating through hair pieces or trying to stop sunburn on my sparse areas of scalp. No more hats in the pool. Horah!

If l can help anyone with questions, do not hesitate. These forums have got me through my darkest days

Regards to readers RonnieRoo

04-22-2015, 10:14 AM
Ronnie, so the laser didn't induce more shedding? I've never shed with most products, but in the past I used minox for one week and it literally made me entire scalp 30% thinner, after just one week of usage. Just scared of the shed...

04-22-2015, 03:15 PM
Hi, thanks for you question.* My hair was actually in shed mode at the time it arrived. After about two or three weeks my hair stopped failing out. I did read in the instructions that it can do this in some people.

My hair would go into shed, for no reason l could ever track down. Murphys Law, my hair wouldn't fall out when stressed or ill, but might fall out on a relaxing holiday or spring.* Had loads of blood tests, lron, zinc, even vitamin D. All came back fine, which was even more annoying. I did start taking biotin 1000mgc as this is supposed to help your hair growth.

When it would shed, I used to jump back to using minoxidil 5% but like you said it got worse before it got better.* It also made my hair feel like crap, so could only use at night and wash out in the morningIts not cheap at 649 inc courier, but Regane 5% cost 30 a month* so 360 per year and l used it on and off for ten years. I also had a transplant abroad that left me scarred with numb scalp. My existing hair went in to shock and fell out worse than before the op. Regaine didn't work but that did thankfully keep my fluff hairs alive. You will need this fluff however small, as these are live hair follicles and Theradome helmet will need this fluff for it to be able to work as it increases the bloody supply to the hair follicle. No good for completely bald for years. You know the shiny scalp.

If it doesn't work you can always bang it on ebay and get most your money back. But l would have to say stick with it. Pop it on watching your favourite soap 3 times a week, then just when you feel like given up after 3/4 months you can feel little hairs growing with your finger tips. My fringe didn't need cutting in over two years. Now its been cut twice in six months. :-D

Very best of luck.

04-22-2015, 03:48 PM
Hey, l just found this on the Mail online. I could be in very royal company. Ha Ha Laser Helmet that could cure Wills' thinning crown: Country's leading hair loss experts explain the baldness cures that might work for Prince William Contact support@theradomeforhairloss.co.uk