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04-22-2015, 08:21 AM

I'm 24 and I noticed 8 months ago that I had been losing hair and that it was now very thin on top. It had probably been happening for a year and started around when I was 23, but I didn't really pay much attention to it until it became obvious that I was suffering from hair loss. I'm around a 2 on the Norwood scale, but I have like a small baldish patch right in the front middle on my hair where it is extremely thin. So anyway I started using Minoxidil Max and I made a lot of progress and most of it was recovered and it no longer noticeable I was going bald, but recently (in the last month or so) I've noticed I've started thinning again and I've lost a lot of ground.

Is this normal when using Minoxidil? I'm worried that I'm re-growing hair, but not addressing the cause of my hair loss which means any hair I do re-grow falls out after a while. I've only been using Minoxidil Max and nothing else, and I've been on it for around 7 months.

Sorry this was slightly long and thanks in advance for any help and advice!

(Minoxidil Max is 15% Minoxidil, 5% Azelaic Acid plus small amounts of retinol and caffeine).