View Full Version : Question about Miniaturized hairs

04-22-2015, 03:17 AM
so i was looking at my scalp recently, and noticing that my area of thinning are still covered with hairs, but obviously i can still see through to the skin on my scalp. Is that what you call miniaturization? what hair stage is miniturization?

I'm using AA, Minox 12%, Tretonin, and fin for my hair loss, as well as biotin + glut, and topical melatonin. The fact that I still have hairs on these thinning patches, does that mean i still have hope for regrowth, and will these hairs eventually become thicker and cover the scalp better? and if they will become thicker, does the hair follicle have to fall out, and then regrow back thicker or will they grow thicker the way they are?