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04-21-2015, 05:46 PM
What are the odds of you going completely bald if you start balding prematurely? I never noticed my hairloss until I shaved my head and a relative of mine said I was receeding and my girlfriend said I looked weird. I have really blonde hair and was born with an already nw1-2 hairline and now I think it feels like I have a really dramatic widows peak.

It's somewhat undetectable with my hair combed down because I've always had really thick hair but I am afraid of receding further. I've seen my friends grandfather and I could never really tell he had a bad hairline until I saw him in the wind and noticed his hairline was really bad, so I was hoping I could end up like that rather than going full bald. I have an uncle that was completely bald and so was my dad, but the rest of the family, all my uncles and both grandfathers kept their hair until their older ages and never lost it. Right now i am 23 and at a nw2 maybe worse. I talked to my doctor about it and he didn't believe I was balding at first (at least I don't think, unless he was pretending) and he parted my hair and said it looks like there is some minor recession and said he wanted to test my thyroid because my mom has an underactive thyroid and they both suspect that I have the same problem.

I talked to him about propecia and he said he would look into it and didn't really write me a script. He said I had seb derm and perscribed me with 2% nizoral shampoo. I feel stinging on my scalp all around my hairline even the top of my head. I don't have much shedding even when I shampoo and style my hair I don't see a lot and even if I wear hats for a long time I only find a hair or two in them.

I'm the only one that's my age balding it seems like all the people I hung out with high school haven't even moved an inch, even people a few years older than me. I asked one of my closest friends for a personal opinion and compared it to my adolescent hairline and he said it doesn't look like there's much of a difference and my hairline looks exactly like my grandfathers did before he passed.

I still haven't gone to my doctors for my thyroid test or propecia perscription. I got sick the day of my appointment and I'm afraid of the after effects of propecia. I'm not so much worried about the side effects but I heard there is a massive shed when you start finasteride and I am afraid of losing a bunch of hair and having to quit in the middle of a regime due to really bad side effects, I don't need to lose anymore than what i have. I am also worried about regimen to start. I feel like I should aim for keeping hair in the long so maybe start the drugs slowly, and do finasteride for a few years, then introduce minoxidil to the regimen after that stops being as effective, and just keep adding to my regimen to extend my years. I already realize it's going to be impossible to reach my initial hairline, but I would like to regrow SOME hair and maintain for a few years, as long as possible.

TL;DR-if you go bald early, do you always become a nw6-7 or can you just keep a receeded hairline through your later years without having an obvious bald spot?