View Full Version : Do you quit after 1 surgery, and risk damaging the investment?

04-21-2015, 03:22 PM
Hi Spencer, I'm posting this as a reference since I'll be calling in on tonight's show.
Spencer, you often mention you paint the back of your head. Do you have hair to blend with the Dermmatch or are you painting a bare crown? Could you post a picture?

I work on camera and on stage and things are NOT going well at all right now.

I had sugery done to the front hairline 2.5 years ago (see pics) which got rid of recession and the "im losing my hair" look... well, at least in the front. And with Dermmatch, I've been able to achieve something nice in the front half. But now, look at how the vertex has opened up. I have fine hair and low density. The only things that can save my ass are laxity exercises to increase the possible graft count for another FUT, and to consider relocating beard hairs from my neck to my crown. I cant think of anything else. Oh, and get on finasteride. Is it worth it at this stage?

I panicked and started wearing hair system in December but only felt confident on a dozen days. I think my systems were just not right for me, but now I stopped wearing them and have started growing back my own hair because i read that if Im planning another surgery I should be careful with whats remaining.. my hair is thin and wearing tape and glue may damage the remaining sides and the transplanted hairs Im shaving off at the front. But because I cant hide forever while the hair grows back, I thought why not get a non-bonded wig? Women do it, why not guys? And then I realized that there seems to be a stupid division where women wear wigs and men wear "bonded" hair systems.

I dont know what to do... :(

Looking at a permanent solution I was thinking of transplanting the grafts in the most bald areas so that I will at least have hair everywhere on top - low density mind you - but at least everywhere. This would allow me to blend Dermmatch or SMP without having bare spots where none of these enhancers would work. On the other hand it would be nice NOT to have to put dermmatch right up to the edge of my hairline since its more visible there. Maybe split the available grafts to put 20% into stronger hairline?

If a subsequent FUE would be possible (PRAYING!), I would like to relocate some of my neck beard into my scalp's crown where its least visible, and hopefully get some more for the front. But like I said, my donor isnt very strong.

Maybe there is a hairstyle one should resign himself to when faced with numbers like mine? Slicked back? Brushed forward with a flipup in the hairline? Fauhawk with side hairs meeting in the middle? Seems this would dictate where I choose to transplant the precious remaining donor hairs....

Dude, Im fighting to save my self-esteem, my dating life, and my career endeavours in acting and music. Im running out of options, and to tell you the truth, I've had some very very dark thoughts in the past weeks.. feeling like there is no solution for me. Hair system just doesnt seem to be something I am able to adapt to, but more importantly now Im concerned about damaging the precious follicles underneath!

I hope you can share your thoughts with me. BTW, you know whats confusing? SMP consultations tell me SMP with my density will look better if I keep my hair short...but I find that the opposite is true of Dermmatch. It looks better if kept longer. Whats your opinion?

BTW, pics here show my unpainted hairline, my hairline with Dermmatch, and my most problematic area now - the vertex, thanks to stopping finasteride 8 years ago and going thru some pretty traumatic life experiences.


04-21-2015, 07:36 PM
Did you have bad sides on finasteride? I know you're asking spex, but I think the majority of people, including him, would say the same thing. Get on Fin, minoxidil and nizoral ASAP and see how your body deals with it. Before going all in on an HT, re-evaluate yourself in 8-9 months and see if you have stabilized or are experiencing growth. In the mean time, research and consult with the best HT docs around you, they are listed on here. I would definitely try buzzing it off if I were you. I know it's hard as hell, and I am going through a similar phase, where I am being hopeful enough that my recently lost hair will come back on fin. Fin may be able to really help you with the crown area. If you are a good responder and grow back some of your lost hair, you won't be wasting precious grafts.

04-23-2015, 09:09 AM
hey james, i didnt have bad sides on fin. i had my fam doc who did not want to give it to me.. .combine that with the extreme stories i heard and i got scared.
that was my biggest mistake and dude, everyday i put myself down because of that.
otherwise i wouldnt be writing here. the buzz cut... yeah, im considering it... i dont have a choice right now cuz i stil have long hair on sides and back cuz i was wearing a full topper. ive been avoiding work since and thats taken a huge toll on my life.

im getting fin today. surgeon wrote 1/4 a day but im thinking 1/2 a day.
switching from niz to regenepure dr
going to let my scalp breathe again

will go short for now to even out the hair but cant buzz too short as i have a think smiley in the back. i think the faster it will grow the sooner i can dermatch it again and go get another opinion from the surgeon... i probably should delay the surgery until after 6 months of finasteride..

04-26-2015, 06:21 PM
I heard you on spencer's show the other day. Very good call. Looks like you have plenty to think over before you make your decision. Personally if I was in your shoes I would continue to take propecia and get a transplant for the hair line and wear a piece behind that. You already have experience wearing a piece and would get the most bang for your buck combining a hair piece with a transplant. Good luck with what ever you decide to do.

PS. You are a magician with concealer.