View Full Version : Hi. Need some professional advice if i should go on topical finastride and minoxidil

04-20-2015, 06:39 AM
Hi i am 26 this year and i recently moved to a different country after a few years overseas. I had a surgery about 3 months ago and recently my barber has been telling me that my hair is a bit thin around my crown. Gods grace, my hairline seems fine but i am afraid if this might be the start of MPB. My dad starting lossing his hair when he was 40. Partly due to medication. MY mom has a full head of hair including all her brothers. MY brother who is older than me has hair abit thin at the crown but not visible like mine.Could i please get some professional advice. I am a bit stressed out about this dont know if its serious. I have started saw palmetto 320mg a day with 10mg biotin. Its been about 25 days seem following the regime. Thank you in advance. The first photo is my hair just after shower not dried with flash on and the other is the same with flash off. Really appreciate any input.