View Full Version : Scalp Massage -- Studies, Pictures, Results

04-18-2015, 01:45 AM
Hi All,

Lest you haven't read my previous posts, I've grown highly cynical about the efficacy and safety profile of our 5AR inhibitors.

In my search for 'natural' approaches to hair-growth I've begun to study the benefits of scalp massage. Today I read this article on social media --


The article outlines the following study. 100 participants regrew 90% of their hair --


I'm cynical about the success rate outlined in this study but it's worth reading. The English translations are a good laugh anyway ^

The efficacy of scalp massage to stimulate hair-growth is also evidenced by the 'Inversion Technique' craze among women --


I've tried scalp massage bi-daily for the last month or so. And yes, I have stimulated modest hair-growth along my hair line.

Lemme know your thoughts, experience and criticisms ...