View Full Version : Quitting propecia advice

04-16-2015, 05:42 PM
Been a member for a while but haven't posted in quite a while

Well, I had a good run. I'm 3 months away from turning 26 and have been on propecia since around 23 so almost 3 years. I also have been using minox once a day in the mornings. Propecia treated me well and it largely maintained my hair nice and thick for 2 years or so, but lately my density has gone way down. My hair shape is still around a norwood 2 but I was just looking at myself in a mirror in sunlight, not even extremely bright light and you could see that my temples are essentially maybe 75% gone in a norwood 3 pattern...my forelock isn't far behind at this point. It's not a great look and appears like I'm trying to hide my baldness. Anyways enough about that. I'm probably going to quit propecia and just progress to the chrome dome im going to be anyway, all propecia is doing is delaying the inevitable and since I've reached the point of it being unacceptable to me, might as well get off it and give myself a buzzcut. As far as sides go, I only have some stubborn fat on my chest which results in a little bit of puffy nipple syndrome. Junk still works fine though.

Do you guys have any advice on quitting? I've read differing methods and am wondering if anyone's had luck with it