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04-16-2015, 05:03 PM
I decided to write this review in case it helps someone. I was searching the internet to make a decision on doing hair transplant and even though i find lots of questions, most of the answers are from doctors, and honestly, they are bias towards selling you the procedure.

It has been 8 days since the hair transplant so i can report that far. I am in mid 40's and still have enough hair to be ok but it is thin and the hairline is half gone. When i look at the mirror or when my hair is wet, it looks the worse, and like most people, each time i see my relatives they say i look the same but with less hair. So i decided to go for it as i am single and i live at my fullest!

1. Go to a reputable doctor, don't risk your native hair, your looks or your health.
Yes, it cost more but at the end i am sure it is worth it. I used a top doctor, actually one of those that you find in magazines as best american doctors in California (since it was in my city)

2. Forget the strip procedure. If someone is still using it, i would not trust.
I would never let someone to make that sort of cut in my scalp. Period.
the doctor i visited was not even offering it anymore. So i used Neograft

3. Don't expect your top doctor to do the procedure. He will show up several times and supervise, but that's it. The procedure with neograft is done by neograft technicians. they are contractors to the doctor. It is ok, most likely they are better than the doctor. the doctor chooses these technicians. Here is where his reputation is at a stake, and everyone wants to work for a renamed doctor, so i am assuming my doctor had the best possible neograft technicians in the area.Everyone in that doctors office was saying how good they were. One had 15 years experience and the other was pretty new. they work in parallel but the one with experience did 80% of the work

4. This is surgery no matter what. In my cases 1800 grafts were extracted. that means 1800 scars on my scalp. Even though they are small and maybe invisible with time (i dont know), it is 1800 scars. Then 1800 more on top to place those units. Yes, lots of incisions. So when this is healing you still feel the pain of 3600 needles!

5. They divide grafts into single hair, two hairs, 3 hairs (that's as far as mine goes!). More hairs for graft does not mean better transplant. They used only single hair for the front line, otherwise it will look like a picked fence (as some reported from their hair surgery). You want the hair line to be manageable and those single hairs are already thicker and fuller than the thinning hair on top. I got lots of single hairs, so the technician said was great, so they did not need to split my 2-hair grafts. They used the 2-hair grafts in the middle part of the scalp and the few three hairs towards the crown area. The important is the first half of your scalp since this is your image. At the end i dont care if i lose hair in my crown. Some people even save that area for religious purpose!

6. It is important to put hair where there is no hair! restoring a hair line. To get volume in other areas is more difficult as they can damage existing hair during the procedure, this is why they focus on the hair line that shapes your face. It actually looks quite good now even with the tiny little grafts

7. The anesthesia hurts. they say you just feel the first shot. Yes right!
And the one they punch close to your eyelids to numb the top hurts even more.
You should be on antibiotics after to avoid infections and also swelling

8. Recovery is really tough, mostly psychologically. I wondered many times why the heck i did it while i was healing. It is painful. You will swell in day 2-4, you will have headaches from 2-7 days and you will feel tingling, dry scalp and tightness for at least 10 days (i am still there!). Along with all this you will be worry about losing your grafts, so you will sleep terribly bad. then you will look at your new look with unwashed hair and full of scabs and you will really hate it

9. Going to work next day after surgery? oh GOSH! i have seen many doctors saying this in the forums. Come on please. Unless you work on a circus as a clown, i would not dare to leave home for about 10 days!. I am lucky i can work from home for 12 days before going to the office, and even then (still at day 8) i am not feeling sure i will look normal. They cut some of your hair in the back to number zero! it grows to #2 in 2 weeks (i wear the back that short sometimes). they are not barbers, the haircut is terrible. You may need a hairdresser to touch it a little before showing up in public. And that cannot be at least till day 11!. You can wear a hat, but i dont normally wear hats at work so will be worse than not wearing one. And yes all those scabs on your head and little bumps in the hairline.. if you have enough hair you maybe able to hide, BUT, you cannot really shampoo in a decent way till day 8-10.. and without a decent shampoo and conditioner your hair may look terrible. Again talking about those of us with enough hair but thin and having a reason for doing this surgery!

10. Sorry for the grammar. I did not want to spend a lot of time writing this but i wanted to provide a reality check for those that may be reading and looking for an objective hair transplant experience and recommendation. I am still looking at the mirror now and not sure I would do this again (even if free!). My only goal right now is look "normal" again, like i used to be. Then, if i get the hair i suppose to get in the hairline it may be worth it as i have a small head and i will help to shape my face much better. the little grafts show promise but i am 6 months from that. I think i was able to keep all my grafts by sleeping on a recliner and taking lots of care of them. Again, time will tell. time will also tell what happens when in 5-10 years i may lose more of my native hair. Will the transplanted hair look funny? my doc assured not, but i am sure he will sell me another transplant by then. Well, not going to worry about what happens 5 years from now.

04-16-2015, 05:27 PM
Great detailed write up. One thing that you should know is that the top doctors in this field don’t usually use fly in techs. The top clinics have a full time staff of their own. That is not to say that the people who worked on you did not do a good job, but it’s well known that this is not a great practice. The Neograft is really just a motorized punch with a suction tube hooked up to it. Did the techs actually make the recipient slits too? I’m not even sure that this is legal?? Do you have any pictures?

By the way, this post is not meant to worry you. Some of these techs can be very good, but the real top docs are much more involved in the surgery.