View Full Version : Don't buy provillus! ur hair will tangle & fall off

12-24-2009, 08:49 AM
I have a relatively long hair but I have a problem with my temple area that is gradually thinning. I usually use ultra hair vitamins which is great. but with so much rave about Provillus I purchased it with the lifetime package of over $300. The first month I started noticing my hair tangling really bad. But I thought it was just the weather or stress. The second month a big chunk of my hair came off by the third month, my hair was destroyed. Now I have to start over by doing treatments, cutting my hair to fit in the broken strands. It is ridiculously heartbreaking. And of course, I had to fuss and scream and cry on the phone before I could get $100 for the lifetime supply back. I am not one to get on these cites to put out a complain but after all the maintenance and money wasted, it is important to inform everyone what destruction provillus did to my hair. So, don't buy it. I had 3 packages left I threw in the garbage. Provillus is rubbish.