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Specifically aged BMSC's. Actually, I don't want to go into it but this could be happening also with alopecia areata.

Can bone marrow mesenchymal cells migrate to the hair follicle? Yes, and they NEED TO otherwise you will develop mpb. Mpb can be prevented by topical anti-androgens but once you have damage then you need to have BMSC's migrate to the follicle to replace progenitor cells(cd200 and cd34+).


This could be used intradermally but probably extremely costly.
"intradermal injection of SLC/CCL21 increased the migration of MSCs"

Bad news study: (aging of bMSC)


"By analyzing bone sections from transplanted mice, we have found that more young BMSCs than old BMSCs appeared in the tissue sections, suggesting that the migratory ability of BMSCs may decline with age. This is supported by parallel observations that the migration of ___endothelial progenitor cells____ is significantly reduced in older humans and mice24, 25. It has also been shown that the migratory ability of human BMSCs significantly declines with age26. Such aged-related impaired migration has also been shown in human lung, skin and dermal fibroblasts27, 28. The inability of BMSCs from aged individuals to migrate throughout the body may impede the distribution of the BMSCs and later regeneration of various tissues and organs which might, in the present case, lead to osteoporosis."

Good news:
Years ago I heard rumor of my local hospital treating a guy with electrostimulation to heal a broken bone faster. Well, it did that but the guy also regrew hair.




Ways to rejuvenate bMSC's:



Various ways to stimulate bone growth or BMSC's or migration out of bone:

1)Electroshockwave therapy:


The use of ESWT resulted in these outcomes:
Case A and B: bone healing, and surprisingly, a faster repair of the ulcers, away from the fracture site and therefore not directly treated;
Case C: resolution of pain and swelling, as well as reduction of muscular fibrosis.
Case D: arrest of necrotic evolution and bone remodeling appearance (with a trophic effect) at medium-long term follow up (> 5 y).

Case E: besides bone healing, _______unexpected hair regrowth____ and reactivation of sweating, reduction of skin fibrosis and tactile hypersensitivity.
All results were documented by clinical and instrumental data (including photos).

2)Extremely high dose niacinamide or niacin: (this is probably one of the biggest reasons to optimize NAD+/NADH ratios. Read the longecity stuff there probably are better ways to optimize this besides just these. Read about P38 blockers)

BTW, I have seen RAPID changes in skin tone and disappearance of sallowness and fine wrinkles(that's all I had) have about faded since taking about 2-3 grams per day of niacinamide.


3) Polyphenols-


4)nitric oxide donors potentiates estrogen in bone: (may explain why the Loniten guys get better results than just topically. Although with 15 and 30% topical minoxidil solutions we still might be stimulating bone systemically.)





Nitric oxide test strips: ( might be interesting to check before and after topical minoxidil treatment or with supplements)




6)Low intensity ultrasound



7) Stem-kline



8) BNP- (search for BNP-32 and what it did for the male pattern balding guy)
Could BNP be causing BMSC recruitment to the hair follicle?



9) high serum homocysteine levels -negatively impact bone marrow


..."SH(serum homocysteine) increased with increasing grade of AGA"

Hyperhomocysteinemia suppresses bone marrow CD34+/VEGF receptor 2+ cells and inhibits progenitor cell mobilization and homing


More information:


It seems HIV patients develop hair loss problems also. From this guys comments he says it mimics MPB. Then look at what HIV appears to do to bone MSC. Exactly what we don't want(senescence).



Virtually everything that regrows hair to any extent accomplishes it by IMO BMSC stimulation. This is kind of a universal theory to why all these weird wounding type stuff works to any degree.

These are: dermarollers,hair plucking,BBQ grill dude, fluorouracil, electroshockwave, 1550nm fractional laser, also perhaps botox(probably increase local apoptosis and BMSC recruitment out of bone) and apoptosis promotion drugs and ultrasound.

Anti-cancer drugs to treat aged(probably by androgens and maybe even aldosterone(increases ROS in some tissues). BMSC's are probably the answer to reversing male pattern baldness.

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where are the big guns on this forum to help me understand all of this? Interesting read if nothing else