View Full Version : Fin sides different scenario tho

04-13-2015, 01:35 AM
So I am 23, I'm starting to shed quite a bit. It's MPB does my dads bald, all of my uncles are bald and my older cousin is going bald. So I've been looking at starting FIN but here's the kicker couple years ago in an accident I was paralyzed. So my sexual function is already messed up, and I am trying to cure my injury! But I am not going bald so my questions are

- can FIN make it worse, so far my hair loss is pretty minor mostly in the right temple.
- in terms of sexual side effects, do they return to normal after initial starting phase?
- how likely are the sexual side effects? Can they be permanent or do they return to normal after the drug is stopped?

If i do start FIN after how long should shedding stop? And if it continues or worsens when do you stop 3 months?