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11-21-2008, 06:23 PM
Bald Girls Do Lunch, a 501c3 , was created in 2007 specifically as the first and only nonprofit support network for women with all forms of alopecia areata.

Based in New York and founded by Thea Chassin,http://www.baldgirlsdolunch.org is the source of medically accurate information and networking for women. [/URL]

The organization holds lunches and events in cities across the country where women with AA are meeting others who understand the same challenges. The BGDL format includes uplifting discussions, practical strategies for talking to others without shame or embarrassment and cosmetic resources for leading a totally successful life in every way as a woman with alopecia in today's world.

Chassin's women-centric program is rapidly gaining momentum nationwide. Women are meeting others like themselves possibly for the very first time in their lives. BGDL emphasizes choice and freedom.....helping women feel great, restore self-esteem and femininity whether wearing wigs, hats or their bald looks. Chassin, alopecia universalis since 1996, dynamically brings women to new levels of self-acceptance and completeness.

Visit [URL="http://www.baldgirlsdolunch.org"]baldgirlsdolunch.org (http:// http://baldgirlsdolunch.org/?page_id=12) to learn more and tell Thea where you would like to join a lunch.

A big welcome to all the women with AA at BaldTruthTalk.

11-23-2008, 04:23 AM

Thank you for creating an organization for women with all forms of AA. I was wondering though if you are also inclusive of women with other forms of alopecia, such as Female Pattern Baldness and Cicatricial Alopecia?

Would you ever consider opening up your organization to women with other forms of alopecia as well? I know all women that are living with hair loss could benefit from a positive message and support in terms of knowing that life can be beautiful and productive despite hair loss. It can give them a sense of direction and can inspire them to go the distance and take control of their lives. :)


11-23-2008, 02:52 PM
Hi Thea,
Do you really believe that AA women have a unique issue concerning hair loss? I applaud your effort in choosing to focus on this one group of hair loss sufferer's but I feel that maybe there is a disconnect somewhere concerning hair loss and women.
I encourage you to read through the blogs of women on the Women's Hair Loss Project Network because the very emotional issues that you say may be unique to AA are really not.
Both women and men suffer from the same sense of loss, isolation, lack of self worth or self esteem. Regardless of how much or how little the hair loss, in the end, the emotional toll that it can take on people is the same.

While I understand what it is like to wake up and see my eye brows on the pillow, hair from inside my nose gone, almost all body hair gone and to feel like a blank slate, I still can not only identify with women who suffer with other forms of hair loss, but I can actually reach out them emotionally having been through it myself.

You can be a beacon of hope to so many more women, but I understand your mission. :)


11-23-2008, 03:16 PM
Hi Angela,

I opted earlier to write a short answer to a large question.

There's a reason BGDL was created specifically for women with AA which has mostly to do with what was available to them as a group previously. There have been longstanding and specific unmet needs for these women which we're now providing.

Because my prior brief answer appears to be misunderstood, I have deleted it for clarity.