View Full Version : South Asian. Start of MPB or just normal swrril at the crown?

04-08-2015, 05:37 AM
Hi, i am in my mid 20s, recently i noticed that the back of my head was thinner that my front. people keep commenting that i have thick hair and curly but for some reason i find that the crown is big and am afraid that it might be sign that i am balding. If someone with experience can comment on this it would be really beneficial. Since noticing, i have gone on a saw palmetto and biotin(10mg) routine. It has been about 15 days so abit too early to tell if there is a difference. But i am thinking of going on rogaine 5 per cent. I am not taking prepocia as i am young and i feel that becoming impotent or losing my sex drive is a massive risk. Beneficial comments are always welcomed. Attached is a picture of my head wet, dry with 385003850138502 flash.

Rashid Rashid, MD, PhD
04-08-2015, 06:47 PM
I could see that you have the potential to be thin but family history and maybe hair loss count may help. 5% M would not be a bad idea if you have lots of factors suggesting potential balding down the line.

04-08-2015, 11:35 PM
Thank you very much for your reply
Really appreciate it. I generally have very dry hair and I just had a surgery done back in Feb. I Understand there might be some thinning due to the ttrauma but I am not sure if it's Mpb or just my hair shedding or in resting phase and to be honest I don't know if it's visible that I might be balding or if the hair follicles are dead
Because of they are dormant I can wait for them to grow. Either way thanks for your reply