View Full Version : Dr. Lindsey Short video of FUE repair of skin cancer scarring on female patient

Dr. Lindsey
04-03-2015, 07:40 AM
This patient of mine has had a number of skin cancers. I rebuilt her nasal ala about 5 years ago after Mohs surgery by a local dermatologist. She has had a separate and aggressive skin cancer at her hairline also treated with Mohs and was reconstructed elsewhere. The scar widened a bit and after waiting about a year for the tissues to mature, we did a small FUE about 2 weeks ago. She just got back from the beach and stopped in and says she'll try to come on the forum and post her experience. Yes, the beach..but she wore a hat and sunscreen.

She is remarkably similar to another blonde woman who had a slightly larger FUE last June. I saw her and updated her story at 6 months and expect to see her at the office in June for a 1 year update and video too.


Dr. Lindsey McLean VA