View Full Version : Potential benefit from Laser Treatment? Advice required.

04-03-2015, 03:33 AM

Iím writing to get some advice which, of course, is much appreciated.

Iím a 30 year old male with hair loss on the top my head only. It looks worst when the hair is wet or when under light and when 'shampooed' up its difficult even notice. I have attached pictures for your reference. These have been taken since June last year. Iím washing with Nizoral 2% every day and this seems to be keeping the itch away. But if I donít wash my hair for one day it gets very greasy and practically see-through. My hope is that using the both laser and Nizoral will help me grow back and maintain my hair but im unsure as to if this is even a possibility?

Iím not interested in cover ups, only treatment options; I am reluctant to try finasteride or rogaine - only if its absolutely necessary to maintaining my hair would i prefer to go down this route. What would you advise? Has anyone had success with home laser use?

Anyone have much experience with PRP treatments? I spoke to a cosmetic surgeon who told me that while PRP might help me to keep the hair I had, the effect would be minimal. She was in no way convinced and said Ďif this was effective, we would have much more demand for ití. Can you shed some light on this as I hear of people having success? I believe it also depends on the experience of the doctor carrying out this particular procedure so maybe you have a reference here. If I could use a few PRP treatments followed by laser use to promote and hold hair I would be very pleased as it avoids chemical products.

im going to go to a Trichologist to see what they recommend but would be great to see what you guys think.

As said at the start, I appreciate your advice on this. Itís a huge help in figuring out the best way forward.

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