View Full Version : intragen 5 from Revlon

04-03-2015, 01:25 AM
Hi - has anyone heard of this new treatment from Revlon? Intragen5 is a patch one wears to block Dht and correct other imbalances against hair loss? Also have seen a product from Vichy (loreal) Neogenic which says they use stem cell technology against hair loss?

Looking for something to regrow domant and fine hair - have been on finstaride for about a year and it doesnt seem to have done much. Used minoxidil oral and topical for 5 years through 'bioscor' and had really good results but cost made it hard to continue with ($250aud per month )

had 2 traditional transplants 20 years ago and scarring means I cant shave my head which I am prepared to do if I could get rid of the scars - so im looking for any advice on..

1Best treatment to regrow hair
2 best way to get rid of hypotropic scars

kind regards all