View Full Version : RU and Finasteride

04-01-2015, 08:23 AM
Hey guys, I've been on RU for the past year and Finasteride for the past month along with minox and nizoral. I'm seeing very good results so far from RU, although not quite as good as Hellousers. I didn't post pics because I have no before pics to compare to. As soon as I started Fin it seemed like my shedding completely stopped after a long shed from Ru. I've been seeing lots of new terminal hair in the hairline so I know the RU has been working. I have had ZERO sides except for dandruff and some iching. I know without pics this may not be much help but Id encourage others to try this too. My hairloss is almost where it was 3 years ago and its been a rough 3 years. Don't listen to all the scary stories and try Fin for yourself, and if you respond well add RU or visa versa but this seems to be a powerful combo and it may hold some of the younger guys over until better treatments come out. I had scheduled 4000 grafts FUT this oct but now I don't think they'd do that many. Be safe and reasonable and try to keep track of progress better than I did.