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03-31-2015, 06:11 AM
Hi guys, all constructive replies are appreciated!

To summarise, I've been a Norwood 2/3 since i was 17, I'm now 27. Since I realised it was happening i've always styled my hair with a fringe to cover it up. See below:


10 years on and my hair loss has progressed very slightly since it first started. I've been wanting to get a HT for about 3 years and finally had a 1st stage appointment with the Private Clinic about a week ago.

I was looking at getting an Undetectable FUE surgery so that i don't have to cut my hair and no-one will know it was done since n-one even my girlfriend of 4 years have ever seen my hairline.

The dilemma is that a UFUE surgery is 5 per hair, so 10,000 for 2000 hairs (approx 800 grafts). Is anyone aware of a legitimate and good hair transplant facility that also performs UFUE to a good degree outside of the UK. Unfortunately I just cannot face shaving my hair as then everyone will know my hairline, where as they currently do not.

I had also toyed with the idea of getting a standard FUE procedure and either getting temporary SMP or a hair system for a year whilst the HT grows out fully.

Thanks in advance guys.


04-01-2015, 06:18 PM
Hey mate, i'm actually going to The Private Clinic in a couple of weeks for a similar consultation regarding UFUE. Although, i'm 24/nearly 25 and i've lost a lot more hair than yourself. Is there any chance you could post images of your hairline on here for us to see? Did Dr Reddy state you were an eligible candidate for UFUE? I have been told he's very selective of candidates.