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03-29-2015, 10:55 AM
So, noticed I had a pretty high widows peak at like 19 but my hair was crazy nice so I didnt care. Around twenty I thought I should use rogaine foam to help it out.. Used that for like a year on and off and then switched to liquid when I was 22. At the same time I went on finasteride in October of that year so that I would never lose ground. Didn't notice any difference to my hair, until the one year mark...

At the one year mark on fin, a massive shed hit me. Handfuls of hair in the shower, rapid thinning and hairline recession. Also, my scalp was burning and in pain from all of this. The huge shed stopped after a month and a half-2months.. Now I'm just steadily shedding like 20 hairs in the shower etc.. Hairline receded about 1 inch and when wet, my whole scalp looks minaturized, however I grew my hairlong so it wouldn't show my scalp.

I've continued fin and it's now about a year and 5 months, but I'm guessing I won't be one of the ones that shed and get great thickening since my hairline receded lol. Guess I'm a non responder to the meds. Unfortunately, I feel as though I can't have a transplant because of this rapid hair loss and the fact that I believe fin is harming me instead of helping. Really sucks to few trapped as no treatment has helped me out.

I'm going to continue fin until about 18 months and then probably throw in the towel. For those it has worked for, you guys are lucky as f***. For me, hopefully I can find a surgeon to transplant into my thinning and give me my life back.