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03-28-2015, 11:28 AM
Yo! Im Sarva Yatra, Im 25. Ive been noticing my hairline receding the over past month or so, little did I know, thats what it was the whole time. I had noticed my hair wasnt as easy to style as it was at 20 over the years. My mom just said that its normal temple receding when you age, and that its really handsome haha.

My parents swear that balding isnt something apart of my family tree and that Im completely crazy to think that balding at all: dad has hair, his dad had hair, great grandpa had hair for a long time, uncles and great uncles still have their hair. I think my dads brother is thinning, but Im not too sure. Mom claims everyone on her side is completely hairy, her dad had hair, dads dad the same, and my uncles. I have one cousin who is balding in his early 30s but it all ends up muddy for me.

When I look at pictures over the last three years its apparent that receding starts almost immediately after my brother passed away. It fluctuates it seems, in and out of stressful situations of 2014 i.e. bad relationship, putting my brother in a foster home and parents through AA, and an immobilizing rock climbing injury in late September. I just want to know what is going on with my scalp, it will help me embrace my hairline. If I lose it all, whatever, I lose it haha. Im not down to take medication or any crap like that.

27 months ago

Early September

This week

Thanks for your time dudes!

03-28-2015, 01:32 PM
Hello Sarva, sorry to hear your story. Stress alone can cause hair loss. For example, my mother lost a great amount of hair when she was very stressed out, but luckily for her it grew back once the stress was gone.

There are many different types of hair loss, with male pattern baldness or hereditary hair loss being the most common in men. However, as you say that hair loss is rare in your family on both your mother's and father's side, then you may not have male pattern baldness. But, it is also known that male pattern baldness can skip generations.

The best advice I can give you will be to try to reduce your stress levels, which can be done by various means such as daily meditation, supplements, walks, exercise and intermittent fasting.