View Full Version : Length of fallen hairs?? Haircuts?

03-28-2015, 07:56 AM
So, recently I've noticed some smaller hairs falling out. Along with medium and long hairs. Nothing unusual and nothing drastic. Probably the normal amount as I wash my hair twice a week and don't regularly brush it. So there's probably a lot of build up hair anyway.

Regarding my hair - My hairline hasn't receeded or changed. And my crown isn't thinning. In the past year my temple has actually grown back after I had an accident with a razors (don't ask) So i'm not sure if I'm thinning....?


I have my hair clippered at the sides. (quite short but not bald) So would these small hairs that fall out be just hairs that are at the end of their cycle but were cut short? So they fall out short? I'm worried about miniaturization and need some advice! I read online that if they have the white ends that means they are fallen out naturally... but these are small hairs! probably an inch in length sometimes longer some smaller. And have white ends.... I made my brother rub his hair (like i do to check) and he had some too... and has his hair clippered like me)

Please help if you can. Sorry to sound like a worrier... :( Thanks guys.

03-28-2015, 03:57 PM
Anyone? The short hairs that are falling our seem to be coming from the back and sides. Where the shorter hair is... But does short hair fall like long hair? Does it have the same cycle? So, if you cut it short it wouldn't have to grow before it fell out if it was already near the end of it's cycle?

I'm worried they are falling out short and should be growing longer? My hair is still growing though... Just some short hairs falling out.

This might sound REALLY stupid. And probably pointless to those who have serious shedding. And i'm sorry if I anger anyone you guys just seem to know your hair stuff...