View Full Version : Considering a hair system, here is my story.

03-27-2015, 03:19 PM
Hey guys,
My name is Patrick. I have been thinning since I was 17. I was first informed of this when a teacher in Science class loudly asked if I was losing my hair in front of a room full of HS kids. After high school, I started modeling but it was cut short since my hair was falling out. I started rogaine and propecia and have been on those both for about 12 years. Now my head can be seen through my hair on top of my head and I absolutely hate it. I purposely work in a field where I can wear a hat or a bandanna daily, and I feel stuck. I graduated college and now I want to hit the interview circuit to make more money, but I feel trapped because of my hair.

I am looking into a hair system, and have watched numerous youtube videos. Problem is, I make about as much as a teacher and every company I go to here in MN wants about 300 a month. Do any of you know any reputable hair salons here in MN that do this sort of thing and arent on a contract or that much money a month? How does all of this work? I am not looking to get ripped off and need some advice.

I look forward to getting information and getting to know all of you. Thanks.

03-27-2015, 04:10 PM
A hair system does sound appealing but it is not a viable cure for hair loss. It is very difficult to live a normal life as people will always find out eventually as all they will have to do would pat you on the head and would feel it was fake. Have you tried a stronger approach to treating you hair maybe dutasteride and RU58841. I would rather you get a hair transplant than be trapped under a wig for the rest of your life. Sadly its not socially acceptable for men, if it was I would join you but its not.