View Full Version : 2576 grafts in the frontal third by Dr. Alexander

Scott Alexander, MD
12-18-2009, 04:35 PM
This a 38 year old middle Eastern patient that had a poor hair transplant a few years ago. He now presents to us for a revision and a desire to repair the previous hair transplant. Because of his significant balding we had to give him decreased density and transplant more on the sides to blend in to his existing hair than we would like. This type of patient I am posting because he's very border line of whether to transplant or not. Because his previous grafts look so bad he was ok with the hairline and the decreased density that we offered him. The quality of donor hair was good along with the elasticity of his scalp. We were able to get decent coverage after the first procedure. He now comes into our office 7 months post op extremely happy with the result he has gotten. Because his elasticity was so good at this point and since he was going back to the Middle East, we were able to transplant him again with another 2600 grafts to cover the top of his head.



Immediate Post-Op


7 months Post-Op


2nd Surgery Pre-Op

2nd Surgery Immediate Post-op