View Full Version : Transplant question

03-21-2015, 04:21 PM
So I consulted with two great doctors and chose one. However, now that I think about it and I'm close to the decision, I'm getting apprehensive. I started finasteride a year and 5 months ago and at the one year mark (this past October) I experienced burning and itching and my hair receded on one side out of no where. I pretty much decided to fix my hairline with a transplant, but I still get random itches and where I itch hair falls out. I really want to get the transplant but I'm scared that I'll get it and then maybe a year or two from now I will reced and have an island of hair. I would be fine getting another transplant, but I'll be paying this one off and that "island" of hair will be there until I'm done paying the loan..

What do you guys think?